Harvest Ready Date in Yield Engine

We've added an exciting new feature to Yield Engine inside Morning Farm Report! In addition to getting yield estimates, soil moisture data, and analyses of your crops critical periods, Yield Engine will now provide a predicted Harvest Ready Date for your field. 

To find the predicted Harvest Ready Date for your field, scroll down to the Field Yield section in Yield Engine. Below the estimated yield cards is a graph that provides a rolling window of how your yield estimate has changed over the last 21 days. Moving your mouse to the left of the blue line that indicates Today's date brings up the Typical, High, and Low yield estimate for that date. Moving the cursor to the right of that blue line brings up what we are looking for: Harvest Ready Date. For the field below, the predicted harvest date is October, 26.

The Harvest Ready Date is calculated based on agronomic and soil conditions for your field, atmospheric conditions, and our comprehensive crop models. If you add your planting date to the system, this date will be even more accurate.

Please let us know if there any features you would like to see added to Yield Engine or any of the other Morning Farm Report Products. We hope everyone has a safe and productive harvest.