Welcome Ken Dallmier to the Team!

The Agrible Team would like to welcome Ken Dallmier to the family! Ken joins Agrible as our Enterprise Business Manager, establishing and coordinating relationships with agricultural corporations. 

Before joining Agrible, Ken acted as the Head of Trait Development for North America at Syngenta Seeds. There his team tested new genetically modified products and guaranteed they did what they were designed to do. If it didn’t, the product didn’t go to market.

Ken plans on using the experiences he gained working at Syngenta to help introduce Morning Farm Report and other Agrible products to potential corporate customers. According to Ken, there is a need out there for a tool like Morning Farm Report, especially ones that works as advertised, so his job will be getting it in front of corporations at the right time.

“To me, the nice thing about Agrible is you have a proven platform and you know it works," Ken said. “And you have pent up demand because it is better than everything out there The holy grail of big data is to predict in real time. With the competition, instead of predicting they are explaining. If you can actually go and predict in real time, that is huge.”

Ken will project that vision to our corporate clients and show them that we’ve made that jump into predictive analytics.

Moving from a large corporation to a small start-up company can be a bit jarring, but Ken is looking forward to some of the freedoms that come along with a brand new company creating brand new things. 

“The one thing that sealed the deal for me is that everybody is very positive and focused and you all smile a lot,” said Ken. “The positive, ‘yes we can’ culture is quite refreshing.”

Ken grew up on a corn and soybean farm near Arcola, Illinois before getting his Bachelor’s Degree in Ag Science from the University of Illinois. He then received his Ph.D. in Plant Breeding from Iowa State.

He joins Agrible at an exciting time, and we all look forward to what we can accomplish together!