Agrible All-Stars - Austin Chung

Today’s Agrible All-Star is Austin Chung. Austin is from Ashburn, Virginia and is double majoring in computer science and linguistics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He will graduate next spring and plans on attending graduate school to continue his education.

At Agrible, Austin is an intern for the Web Team and worked on finishing the creation of the Android Pocket Rain Gauge. He has experience with app creation, but developing for Android is new to him. His favorite part about working at Agrible is the friendly and helpful atmosphere of the Web Team.

Austin feels that he is gaining great experience at Agrible that he will be able to apply to his future career. With goals to further his education in front-end development work, he is glad to be getting real-world work under his belt.

Before coming to Agrible, Austin never had any experience in the agriculture industry. He is learning a lot about agriculture and getting to work with many different types of people. He appreciates the way everyone at Agrible works well together as a team. In his free time, Austin enjoys watching Suits, and eating his favorite food, steak.


            # of countries visited: 6                                    favorite season: fall