Agrible All-Stars - Ray Agor

Today’s Agrible All-Star is Ray Agor. Ray grew up in the Philippines and moved to the United States in 2011. He gained college level experience at St. Louis Community College and also the college he attended in the Philippines. His studies include aeronautical engineering, computer science, computer engineering, and nursing.

At Agrible, Ray is a Web Team intern and works with charts and data visualization.  He created the calendar view for Tractor Time, Rainfall charts, accumulated rainfall and temperature for Field Intel, and the GDD and yield graph for Yield.

His efforts are geared toward identifying and implementing new ways to visualize data in the Rainfall and Tractor Time components of the Morning Farm Report tools. Everything Ray is working on is new to him, and he is learning to use systems and technologies, at Agrible, that he has never worked with before. His favorite part about working at Agrible is the flexible and casual environment. He also enjoys learning about agriculture and how important it is to our society.

In Ray’s free time he plays and develops video games. His favorite video game is World of Tanks and his favorite animals are dogs and guinea pigs. You might also find him watching his favorite TV shows Burn Notice and Chuck.


        favorite season: spring                                        # of countries visited: 2