Agrible Field Trip

Every once and a while, it's important to get away from the computer and spend some quality time out in the field. To get a better understand of how our technology helps growers, the Agrible team went out to some test corn and soybean fields close to our office. Out in the field, University of Illinois emeritus professor and Agrible fan Bill Simmons talked about herbicides, common pests, and the growth process for corn and soybeans.

The trip started with an introduction to different types of planting, cultivating to remove weeds, and the history behind crop rotation. 


Here's Bill explaining the growth cycle of soybeans and looking like he's about to eat part of the plant.


When the conversation shifted to corn, a bunch of corn silk (which are actually pollen tubes called stigmas!) were passed around as Bill explained the pollination process. Here's our grapher designer Ani getting some hands-on experience.


It was a hot one out in the field, so our intern Wei sought refuge in the shade provided by some corn.


It was a great afternoon out in the field and hopefully the first of many field trips for the Agrible team. Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen!