Agrible All-Stars - Pratik Lahiri

Today’s Agrible All-Star is Pratik Lahiri. Pratik is pursuing a PhD in Agricultural and Biological Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is a science team intern working on back-end development. His work includes developing new projects at Agrible to improve the existing tools within Morning Farm Report. He’s working to validate the accuracy of yield estimates by looking at the balance of water and nutrients in soil.

Pratik’s favorite part about working at Agrible is that our vision presents daily challenges, but the outcomes along the way are rewarding. He likes that Agrible does many different things in house that no other one company does. Pratik admires that it is such a unique team of people that all work well together to accomplish one goal.

Pratik has some experience with agriculture from working in a lab where he ran chemical experiments evaluating new wheat and rice. However, he looks at his internship at Agrible as a “boot camp of all things agriculture”, and he is learning more about the industry.

In his free time he enjoys biking and hiking and also pet sitting for his friends. Pratik also has a twin brother!


          # of countries visited: 3                                            favorite season: summer