Agrible All-Stars - Wei Qin

Today we shine the spotlight on Back-End Developer Intern Wei Qin. Talk about one brave employee: Wei faces her fear of Roosters every morning when she comes to work. To those who don’t know, Agrible’s team mascot is a Rooster and our offices our decked out in rooster photos and figurines. Despite her fear of Roosters, Wei comes to work with a huge smile on her face. Now that is dedication! She also adores Hello Kitty, so much so that the interior of her car is decorated in it. You can also find Wei enjoying her favorite foods, especially anything spicy.

Before joining Agrible, Wei grew up in China where she completed her undergraduate degree in applied mathematics. As a Back-End Developer, Wei analyzes and pulls meaning from rainfall and soil temperature data to apply to Morning Farm Report products. These tasks fall right in line with Wei’s experience and math studies. Wei is currently a PhD student studying mathematics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Her favorite part of working at Agrible is the ability to apply her previous math knowledge to real world situations. This is her first time working in agriculture and she's excited to use her statistical and programming experience in new areas. Wei is grateful to have a supportive and helpful team to make her job smoother.  

                       # of countries visited: 7                                          favorite season: summer