Measuring Heavy Rainfall

We had some pretty severe rainfall here in Champaign and the surrounding areas yesterday. Some places even reported 8.2 inches of rain. Looking at the image below of the last 24 hours of precipitation in the United States, you can see that large area of green and yellow in the middle of the picture. That's what landed on us.

Let's take a look at how much rain that blob of color produced near our offices with Morning Farm Report and Pocket Rain Gauge

Looking at Rainfall in Morning Farm Report, an area just North of our office saw about 2.3 inches of rain.  

At the Agrible office, Pocket Rain Gauge shows 2.08 in. Our physical rain gauge outside of the office shows just above 2 inches as well.


To find out how much it rained at your location or on your fields, sign up for a free trial of Rainfall and download our Pocket Rain Gauge App. Learn more about both here

Stay dry out there.