New Tractor Time Features

One of the recent updates to Morning Farm Report was the addition of the new Calendar View and recommendations for Wet Spot soils in Tractor Time. These new features spawned from customer feedback and our desire to make it as easy as possible for growers to visualize their field conditions and plan the next two weeks of field work.

And so we can continue helping growers avoid situations like this:

Tractor Time's Calendar View recommends what type of work can be done on your fields using our color-coded card system. A green card indicates that your field is suitable for all operations (ALL-OPS, with vehicles operating at ground/wheel pressures > 22 psi). Yellow indicates that you can do some medium tasks (MD-OPS, < 12 psi), orange shows that only light work activities should be attempted (LT-OPS), and red (NO-OPS) means that you should stay out of the field to avoid getting stuck or creating ruts. Frozen soils are displayed as either FROZEN (deep freeze) or LT-FRZN (surface freeze). 


At the top of the calendar is the new toggle switch for Primary and Wet Spot soils. One of the most common suggestions we got from growers was adding Wet Spot soils recommendations to Tractor Time. Primary soils recommendations worked well for the majority of their field, but each field always has those spots that don't drain or dry as well as the rest of the soil. 

By toggling between the two modes, a grower might learn that we recommend ALL-OPS for the Primary soils of a field, but only LT-OPS on the wet spots. This is invaluable information when planning out field work and can save a grower time and hassle by avoiding getting equipment stuck. 

Clicking on a specific day brings up our field work recommendations for both Primary and Wet Spot soils. 

To learn more about Tractor Time, check out our new product page or send us a message. And please let us know if you have any suggestions or concerns about Tractor Time or any of the other Morning Farm Report products.