Pocket Rain Gauge and Rainfall


There are two free ways to get access to our highly accurate rainfall measurements!

For rainfall measurements based on your current location, download Pocket Rain Gauge for your iOS device. It uses your geolocation to deliver how much it rained in the last 24-hours wherever you are. To help us constantly improve our accuracy, Pocket Rain Gauge includes feedback functionality that lets you tell us if our results seem accurate or not. You can let us know we are right, or say that we are off and input your own rainfall measurement for that location. 


To get rainfall measurements at a much wider variety of locations, check out Rainfall in Morning Farm Report, which is currently available for free until Dec. 31st, 2015. Rainfall provides field-specific rainfall measurements for yesterday, the last 7 days, the last 30 days, and year to date. Upload any number of fields you are interested in and begin exploring your data!

Both are great for farmers, gardeners, and weather enthusiasts. We've even found some fun, non-agriculture uses for it.