Looking at Precision Ag in a Whole New Way


Most growers have figured out by now that when seed costs $300+ per unit, you can't afford to let your guard down. In field after field, small errors add up to significant losses. Similar losses can add up in the decisions you make. With more than 90% of your time taken up with planning, organizing, and managing field operations, it's important you have the best information immediately at hand both before you head out the door and when you are adjusting plans on-the-go.

Many growers have turned to 'precision agriculture' technologies to give them a leg up on the field. These tools have revolutionized the way growers plant and how chemicals are applied, but not all 'precision' technologies cost $20,000 per unit just to help your tractor make straight lines in the field. That's why we created Morning Farm Report: to give growers an affordable, easy-to-use tool that helps increase productivity and yields. 

Morning Farm Report (MFR) is helping growers improve agronomic precision by getting them into the field faster with more reliable information. The weather, soils, and crop information we provide takes the worry out of your work. Need to know how much rain fell on that remote 80-acre piece overnight?  MFR's Rainfall report is on your computer or smart-phone. Need to know if the soil on the north 40 is tillable?  MFR's Tractor Time is easy to access from any internet-accessible device. Concerned about the timing of a fungicide application and you need to know the crop stage in all your fields?  MFR's Field Intel can tell you the developmental stage of all your crops. Would you like help determining which fields are most likely to dry down first?  MFR's Yield Engine has that laid out for you.  

Farming with MFRs suite of products means 'farming with knowledge'. And that knowledge can help you be more confident in your decisions and more precise in your actions, producing savings that you can't afford to pass up.

Head to MorningFarmReport.com to learn how to increase your productivity and yields with the help of our suite of products. Or contact us to figure out the best way to incorporate Morning Farm Report into your operation.