Rainfall Big Data View


It’s always important to know how much rain fell on your fields, but sometimes it’s nice to see how your fields compare to those around you. That’s what sets our Rainfall tool apart from all the others: the ability to see how your fields stack up in your county, crop reporting district (CRD), and State.

We call it our Rainfall Big Data View, and its another way Morning Farm Report helps growers get the most of all of the data around them.

In previous posts, we explained how the Map view in Morning Farm Report gives you an eagle-eye-view of your fields. In Rainfall, it shows how much rain fell on your fields for the last 24 hours, last 7 days, last 30 days, and year to date. This is beneficial for growers who have spread out operations and want to know rainfall totals without having to drive to each of their fields.

But it gets better. By zooming out a bit to the County level and clicking on the county your field(s) are in, the big data view window pops up. This shows you how the rainfall on your fields compares to the rainfall on the other fields in the county. In this example, our research fields in Iroquois County received more rain than the rest of the county, falling into the 100th percentile of fields. 

Zooming out to the CRD level provides the same data, but for all the fields in that CRD. Our fields are more spread out at the CRD level, but still fall in the high 90th to 100th percentile. 

We didn't stop there though. Zoom out to the State level and get comparisons with all the fields in the state. In Illinois, our fields range from the 45th to the 70 percentile. 

All of these examples showed rainfall from the last week, but the time frame can easily be changed to yesterday, last month, or year to date. 

Let us know if you've used Rainfall in an interesting way, if you learned something from our big data view, or if you have any suggestions on what you'd like to see inside Rainfall. 

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