A Closer Look at Tractor Time

Of all of the products inside Morning Farm Report, Tractor Time might be the one we are most excited about.

Tractor Time predicts changes to the soil environment and recommends what kinds of operations you can do on a field based on the ground pressure the equipment exerts on the surface. Our complex-modeling approach provides an understanding of field compaction that is not available in the current market. 


The first thing you'll see in Tractor Time is the Status of your field for today and tomorrow. Tractor Time recommends what type of work can be done on your fields using our color coded card system. A green card indicates that your field is suitable for all operations (ALL-OPS, with vehicles operating at ground/wheel pressures > 22 psi). Yellow indicates that you can do some medium tasks (MD-OPS, < 12 psi), orange shows that only light work activities should be attempted (LT-OPS), and red (NO-OPS) means that you should stay out of the field to avoid getting stuck or creating ruts. Frozen soils are displayed as either FROZEN (deep freeze) or LT-FRZN (surface freeze). 

The next section shows our near term recommendations for your fields, which covers the next three days. For this field, Tractor recommends both medium and light operations over the next three days. 

Below Near Term is a much larger work forecast that gives recommendations for 14 days in the future. In this example, the first week or so is filled with warnings against nothing more than medium and light operations, but starting on 4-18, we show 6 days of workable fields. 

Directly below the Work Forecast, there are 2 more cards that tell you how many days you can work in each of the weeks we forecast. Another way to see how many days you can work on each of your fields is with the Map view.

After clicking on the Map tab and selecting Tractor Time in the products listing on the left, you can change which view you would like to see: Work Today, Work Tomorrow, Work Days This Week, or Work Days Next Week.

If Tractor Time sounds like something you need on your farm, head over to Morning Farm Report to sign up. And as always, if you have any comments or questions about how to best utilize Rainfall, send us an email