Agrible's Philosophy

It’s been a wild few weeks for all of us here at Agrible. First we released Pocket Rain Gauge, our free mobile app that gives rainfall measurements for the last 24 hours based on your location. Right after that we launched Morning Farm Report, our predictive analytics tool that delivers field-specific data and forecasts to help with decision making in the field. A short time after that we won an Innovation Celebration Award from the Champaign County Economic Development Corporation.

Now that we have a little time to breathe, we wanted to talk a little bit about why we decided to become the premier predictive analytics company in agriculture. There are a good number of companies out there offering big-data-driven services, but we’re confident in what we are doing and will stick to our philosophy: always put the grower’s interest first. 

We made Morning Farm Report because we wanted to build cool technology and help growers increase productivity and yields. There aren’t many tools out there that provide reliable data-driven services and have the grower’s interests in mind, so we decided to fill that gap. Many of us are farmers as well, so we created something that we knew we could use on our fields.

You often hear that food production needs to double by 2050 in order to keep up with population growth, and to do that the world needs technology like Morning Farm Report. We want to help growers take on this goal, as well as achieve personal success.

We provide a paid subscription service to growers and agricultural companies, and that’s it. We have no desire to sell you anything but our services. And those services are all designed to benefit you, the grower.  

All of your data is safe with us as well. Morning Farm Report requires minimal information from the grower, and all of that data is safety secured and never given away or sold. We strongly agree with the idea that data belongs to the growers.

Thanks for all of the support over the last few weeks. We look forward to sharing all of our progress with everyone.