Morning Farm Report is Live!

Today is the launch of Morning Farm Report!

Morning Farm Report is the delivery infrastructure for all of our products. It’s an online subscription service for growers and agricultural companies that delivers field-specific data and forecasts to help with decision-making in the field.

To help growers with daily decisions and long-term planning, we provide reports and big data views of rainfall, temperature, growing degree days, field work logistics, maximum ground pressures, and yield estimates. 

All growers need to do is subscribe to whatever services they need, then enter minimal information about their fields (like location and crop type). After that they can begin exploring data about their fields by either logging on to the Morning Farm Report website or by configuring daily email reports. 

Morning Farm Report launched with four products: Rainfall, Field Intel, Tractor Time Logistics, and Yield Engine. There is also the option of creating a custom package based on your specific needs. 



Access field-level rainfall totals for the entire year to track progress. Data available in graphs, maps, and a daily email report every morning. Plan your day based on rainfall.

Field Intel

Analyze exactly how the weather affects your crops by providing rainfall totals, as well as temperature data and growing degree days. Critical Period helps you see pre-planting data trends and post-planting data relevant to critical periods for corn and soybeans.

Tractor Time Logistics

Plan your logistics 14 days in advance with our complex-modeling approaches. Tractor Time highlights which fields are ready for operations (and what equipment you can use!) Included is a 14-day forecast for soil moisture, rainfall, wind, and other factors affecting fieldwork, along with our recommendations based on these variables.

Yield Engine

Combines the latest in crop modeling with the best weather data to calculate yield forecasts for 11 crops to the end of the season. Yield Engine models your complete agricultural system based on just a few inputs, including planting date and crop (corn or soybean). Forecasting involves using weather normal and combinations of weather-year data representing hot, dry, cool, and wet conditions. 


Head over to to get started.

Thank you for all of the support. We've been working really hard and are excited to share Morning Farm Report with all of you.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us