Potential Severe Weather in Southern Growing Regions

Southern growing regions along the lower-and-mid-Mississippi River Valley have the potential to see late season severe weather events on Wednesday. December's warmth has allowed warm, moist, unstable air to return pretty far north from the Gulf Of Mexico, and as a cold front sweeps through this area on Wednesday, severe storms are expected to form. Wind shear profiles will support the development of supercell thunderstorms which are capable of producing tornadoes!

This map shows the region the Storm Prediction Center is focused on for Wednesday's severe weather. Expect the potential for strong winds and heavy rain in the southern parts of the corn belt in Illinois and Indiana.

The timing of this event begins early on Wednesday and carries on through the evening. This map shows the position of the storms at noon CST.

While tornadoes are rare this time of year, they do happen. This map shows the average number of tornadoes in December for each state in the US.