Find My Seed is Coming Soon

Of all the decisions farmers have to make, selecting the right seed is one of the most important and often one of the most expensive. Seed selection has become much more complicated over the past decade with the development of new varieties, hybrids, and multiple trait package choices. This decision promises to only get harder in the future as new traits are brought to market.

We all know how the typical seed selection experience works. A seed rep comes out to the farm and talks about his company’s products and leaves information and yield data with you.  A couple days later, another seed rep stops by and leaves his information. Then another seed rep stops by a few days after that and leaves his information. At the end of the week, you are left with three sets of different information and no good way to make a comparison between any of the products. So how do you make a good, informed seed decision that will have a major impact on the bottom line of your farm operation? 

Agrible’s Find My Seed is the answer. Find My Seed is your personal seed adviser that works solely for you. You tell it the criteria that are important to you, and Find My Seed sorts through mountains of yield data, compiled from hundreds of independent trials, to find the best seed options for your farming operation. 

More information about Find My Seed will be available soon, so keep an eye on this blog, Facebook, and Twitter. And be sure to sign up on to get more information emailed directly to you.