Harvest with Tractor Time and Yield Engine

It's harvest time. Allergy sufferers are stocking up on medication, pumpkin spice lovers have an overwhelming number of food and drink options, and Morning Farm Report users are making the best decisions on their fields with Tractor Time and Yield Engine

Our customers are constantly telling us how Tractor Time is saving them time and making their operations run smoother.

Tractor Time was accurate for us yet again. We wanted to get on the wheat stubble to ted the straw apart to help the ground dry more quickly. Tractor Time suggested it would be questionable, and it was, even with the lightest tractor.
— Amy Hoying-Dairy Farmer in OH

With it's unique calendar view, Tractor Time let's you plan the next 2 weeks by telling you if your fields are workable or if they are too wet to for large equipment. This helps growers plan their harvest operations with confidence and prevents wasted time caused by stuck equipment. It even provides recommendations for both Primary and Wet Spot soils.

For the field shown below, the next 6 days are perfect for all operations. But for Oct. 8 - Oct. 15 Tractor Time is advising caution, with most days being suitable for only Medium-sized operations. These recommendations are constantly being updated as the weather forecasts change, so be sure to check daily to get the best results. 


All of these recommendations are calculated by taking rainfall totals, weather forecasts, soil conditions, and other agronomic data and processes all of that with our custom models. 

A subscription to Tractor Time also comes with access to our Field Intel and Rainfall products. Here's a great video showcasing how Tractor Time can help you: 


The ultimate tool inside Morning Farm Report is Yield Engine, and it's a great to have all the way up to harvest. Throughout the growing season, it shows your estimated yield for that field, information on soil moisture, and rainfall, temperature, and growing degree days for each of your crop's critical periods. It can also tell you a  predicted Harvest Ready Date for your field.

We hope everyone is having a safe, productive, and allergy free harvest! Please let us know your experiences with Tractor Time and Yield Engine this harvest. We are excited about partnering with you for a smooth harvest.