Yield Engine

It’s easy to see why Yield Engine is the most popular product in Morning Farm Report. Yield Engine utilizes all of our technology and field-level data to model 11 different crops (corn, soybeans, and other grains and vegetables) throughout the season. With our weekly and seasonal yield estimates, growers can make critical operational decisions everyday. 

Yield Engine works by combining the latest in crop growth simulation with the best weather data available. Our crop modeling techniques take a variety of information into account. Our model factors in crop growth-stage requirements, site-specific soil data, and hyper-local weather data like daily rainfall, temperature, humidity, and solar radiation. It also incorporates information like field location, crop type, and planting date.

Just like our other products, the more information you provide, the better the results. Yield Engine uses a tiered input system for planting date: either enter no date, a broad planting time (early, normal, or late planting), or enter in the exact date to get the best results. 

We consider what’s already happened this year and what we predict will happen throughout the season when evaluating the influence of weather on crop yields. This way we understand the influence different weather scenarios might have on yields and incorporate that into our predictions.  

In addition to modeling the current season, we also model thirty years of historic data for each of your fields. This way you can see how the current season compares to previous seasons. Is this year turning out to be more like the challenging 2012 season or more like the more forgiving 2014 season? This knowledge could be invaluable when making decisions about your crop.

Yield Engine is delivered to you in multiple ways. You can log on to Morning Farm Report to explore visualizations, or have your yield estimates sent to you via an email report. 

We’re so confident in our yield predictions that we’ve even bet on it. More on that to come.