Tractor Time Logistics

It’s a sad tale that too many growers have experienced: you take the time to drive a combine out to harvest your crop, just to get it stuck in some unforgiving soil. It’s time to add a new hero to that story: Tractor Time Logistics. 

Tractor Time, part of Morning Farm Report, predicts changes to the soil environment and recommends what kinds of operations you can do on a field based on the ground pressure the equipment exerts on the surface. Our complex-modeling approaches provide an understanding of field compaction that is not available in the current market. 

Tractor Time provides the information necessary for you to get the job done. It uses predictive analytics to calculate three different intensities of field operations: light operations (scouting with ATVs), medium operations (like spraying), or all operations. Using sophisticated time-based visualizations, Tractor Time will highlight which of your fields are ready for operations and let you know what kinds of operations can be completed on them. We’ll let you know which of your fields can handle combines and which ones can handle nothing more than an ATV.

The video above highlights a situation many growers have encountered. After a big rain, it can be hard to tell if your fields are just too muddy to work in. Tractor Time, combined with your own knowledge of your fields, aims to alleviate that worry. We leverage our field-level weather and soil information to report numbers on the typical soil and the wet-spot soil to give users a range in their field representing fit conditions for working. 

Included is a 14-day forecast for soil moisture, rainfall, wind, and other factors affecting your fieldwork. This lets you make better decisions and plan the next few days with more accuracy than every before. 

We know how big of a pain it is to lose time because of difficult field conditions. While we can't change the weather or your soil conditions, we can make fieldwork recommendations based on the best information out there. 

Don’t get stuck in the mud. Plan your day like a champ with Tractor Time.