The Field API

A few weeks ago, we began the testing phase of Morning Farm Report, which is our new platform for showcasing all of our products. One of the key features of Morning Farm Report is our Field Intel API, which gives access to the primary data that we use in all of our calculations and models.

The Field Intel API not only powers our own products, but is also available to use to build your own data-driven applications. Data provided is spatially correct for scientific usage in any agronomic calculation at the agricultural field scale, and includes information on rainfall, temperature, and Growing Degree Days (using the 86/50 method). 

To provide the API, first we take raw data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and other sources. Then our team of agronomists, engineers, scientists, and programmers process the data using our in-house infrastructure. Our team is comprised of actual farmers, so we know what information growers need to know about their fields and use that knowledge to deliver our API.

With a subscription to the Field Intel API, users gain programmatic access and can download large amounts of data in a very short time. While developers and agricultural businesses creating software for their own calculations are the API’s primary users, growers can use our data to build their own science-based applications or just get access to the best data out there. Everything is crafted to help growers plan their field operations at anytime of the day and learn how the weather is affecting their agricultural productivity. 

Other weather APIs are driven by far away weather stations, not ours. Our API is constructed to provide field-level data by combing remotely sensed data with public and private weather networks. 

We are continuously adding new variables to the Field Intel API, which also adds more functionality to Morning Farm Report. If there is a statistic that you would like to know about your field, let us know and we will work to integrate that into the API.